The next TEDxKingstonUponThames event will take place at Rose Theatre Kingston on Saturday 11th January 2020.

The event theme is Cut Through The Noise.

Applications to speak open on Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Applications close midnight on Friday 31st May 2019.

Interviews will take place on the following dates in Surbiton, Kingston Upon Thames.

Interviews: Saturday 29th June

Interviews: Saturday 13th July

Interviews: Saturday 20th July

Please make sure you read our terms and conditions for applying. By applying you agree to these terms and conditions.

Before you apply, here are some pointers.

The title needs to sum up your subject matter and grab attention. Think about when a TEDx talk is on Youtube, what title would make you want to watch the whole talk?

We say ‘brief overview’ because TEDx talks are only 18 minutes maximum, which is not a particularly long time. Talks need to have focus, a point of view and deliver a take-away that leaves your audience with something to ponder. Try and say too much and you could end up saying nothing.

The question of ‘what makes you uniquely placed to deliver this talk?’ is very important, the authenticity of your talk hinges on you being the best or only person to deliver this talk.

There is no magic formula. Get a friend to read your application and give their opinion before you send it. If it seems too obvious or too similar to a lot of other TEDx talks, this will probably be the feedback from our committee. If it’s a unique, authentic and personal story, it will most likely stand out. Give it your best shot and give it some personality.

Good luck!

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Get Involved

All TEDx events are organised by volunteers.

Let us know how you might be able to help. All volunteers have specific roles so we’re looking for your passion for TEDx Talks and your professional experience.

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