‘Avant-garde composer John Cage’s renowned work 4’33”, formed entirely of silence, challenges our assumptions on the differences between sound and noise.

In a distracted, relentless and cluttered world, in 2020, TEDxKingstonUponThames explores how we determine what is noise and what is truth, what is real and meaningful versus the illusory and negative. Without authenticity, can we truthfully participate, empathise and engage with others?

Great storytelling enables us to ‘Cut Through The Noise’, connect with others and bridge differences. TEDx is a global programme of independently organised events based on the world-famous TED Talks model. 

Through a day-long event of live talks and performances, TEDxKingstonUponThames – entirely not-for-profit and organised by volunteers – strives to bring our community together with unique stories, opinions and experiences to spark meaningful discussion.’

Talks and Speakers


Hannah Brackenbury

Comedy songwriter

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The Team

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